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Demolition Services in Belleville

Demolition is the process of taking down buildings or other man-made structures using pre-planned and controlled engineering methods. When you opt for demolition, it is very important to consider not only the properties and condition of the building, but also the property’s proximity to a nearby building and other assets. Count on Hawker Construction when you are in need of reliable demolition services in Belleville. Our technicians have over 35 years of experience in the demolition industry and work hard to complete your project within the scheduled time and budget. 

While carrying out the demolition work, we make sure not to cause harm to the neighbouring properties. We will also look for a gas pipeline or water pipeline and take care of all elements before beginning work. For us, safety is of utmost importance and we take care of it in every step to ensure it is not compromised. With Hawker Construction, you can expect quality and assured demolition services in Belleville.

Projects We Handle:

When you need our assistance and expertise on any of the below-listed projects, call us. With the right equipment, your demolition project will be accomplished efficiently.


Residential demolition is a simpler process compared to huge buildings. Contractors usually pull down the building either manually or mechanically, using a wide variety of hydraulic equipment, such as cranes, elevated work platforms, excavators, bulldozers and more. When you want your residential property demolished by experienced contractors, we are the right choice for you.



A farm is usually demolished if you are planning to use that piece of land for your property extension or it has been bought by another commercial dealer. Be it a shed, barn or a grainery, our team has the tools to help you with all your farm demolition needs.


The curb appeal of a commercial property plays a major role in attracting customers. If you are planning to renovate your commercial building and looking for a trusted demolition contractor in Belleville, you can count on us. We work hard to get the job done according to your specifications.


Concrete Disposal:

If you are not sure where to dump or dispose of the debris after the demolition process, we can help you. You can rely on us for all your concrete disposal needs. Rightly disposed concrete can be recycled and used for various purposes.

Asphalt Disposal:

Become environmentally responsible by disposing of your asphalt today. Get in touch with us to learn more about our asphalt disposal services. We can haul off your asphalt chunks in a hassle-free manner.

Waste Disposal:

Make your waste management easy with the help of our professionals. We consider all your requirements and offer suitable contaminated waste disposal plans based on it. Disposing of your residential and commercial waste contributes to the cleanliness of your property and helps in protecting the environment. We also provide rock removal and concrete services in Belleville.

Get in Touch

From small residential projects to large commercial ventures, we can handle it all. Get in touch for demolition services in Belleville with Hawker Construction today to learn more about our services or to book an appointment with us.

Let Us Handle All Your Demolition Service Needs

Our team has the required skills and equipment to carry out your building demolition in a safe and professional manner.

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