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Dependable Concrete Contractors in Belleville

Transform your property into a stunning and functional space with exceptional concrete services offered by Hawker Construction in Belleville. As trusted concrete contractors, we specialize in various concrete projects, from installing new sidewalks to repairing and enhancing concrete walls. Our team handles every aspect of the process, from excavation to concrete pouring and backfilling, ensuring our clients a seamless and efficient experience. 


With a commitment to delivering hassle-free services and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Hawker Construction is the go-to choice for all your concrete needs in Belleville. Trust us to bring your vision to life with top-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Contact us now to get a quotation to make your property look exquisite.

Trusted Concrete Contractors

At Hawker Construction, we aim to give you a service you can trust. We have been in this business for more than 35 years and are committed to providing quality and efficient service to our customers. Our dedicated contractors will ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing excellent concrete services for your property. If you are looking for concrete contractors who can handle the following projects, schedule your service with us immediately.

Our Services Include:

New concrete installations
Concrete repairs
Concrete removals
Concrete upgrades

Residential and Commercial Concrete Work:

Our team takes pride in offering dependable concrete services to our clients in the area. We can address it all, from the concrete foundation to the concrete floor installation. With quality artistry and equipment, we will complete all your concrete projects on time.


Concrete footings are installed under the foundation of your property and are responsible for handling the weight of the structure above them. The dimensions of the floors are based on the size and type of structure. Make your building strong and durable by choosing us as your concrete service provider. We install quality concrete footings in your building.


A concrete wall has to be constructed with care and attention to detail, as it bears the weight of the whole building. Quality materials and appropriate design plans must be used to ensure the durability and longevity of the wall. Our team aims to offer efficient concrete wall installation services at great prices. We have the tools to build walls of any size.

Floating Slabs:

Building a floating slab is considered an economical method of foundation construction. These slabs are a foundation for sheds, car garages, and room additions. We can install your floating slab if you want to save money and have a strong foundation.


Make your property easily accessible by installing well-designed sidewalks. We will help you design and install a sidewalk for your property based on your requirements. Our contractors offer sidewalk installation and repairs for commercial and industrial properties.


Concrete curb is considered as an element that adds beauty to your landscape and acts as a root barrier for sod and seeded grass. Our team offers concrete curbs to residential, commercial and industrial clients in the area. 

To learn more about our services, give us a call right away. We work with you to better understand your requirements and provide suitable options.

Schedule an Appointment with our contractors to discuss our concrete services in Belleville. You can also get an estimate for your next project. We also provide rock removal and demolition services.

Maintainance and Repair of Concrete

Maintaining and repairing your concrete surfaces is crucial to ensure their longevity and appearance. As a reputable concrete contractor in Belleville, Hawker Construction understands the importance of proper concrete care. Regular maintenance involves cleaning your concrete by sweeping away debris and preventing weeds and grass growth that can lead to cracks. Promptly clean up spills to avoid stains, using suitable cleaning agents or a pressure washer. Applying a sealer every few years protects and preserves the concrete's colour.

Regarding repairs, small cracks can be fixed with concrete caulking, while larger cracks may require a concrete patch kit. Address chips and indentations with caulk to prevent further damage. Consider adding a colour stain for a fresh look or resurfacing to revitalize worn-out concrete surfaces. For sunken or unlevel concrete, slab jacking is an effective solution. When you need assistance with concrete repairs or advice on enhancing your existing concrete, contact us, as we provide professional services and expertise to make your concrete look as good as new. Trust Hawker Construction, your reliable concrete contractors in Belleville, to meet all your concrete needs. Give us a call for more information.


Quality Concrete Services Under One Roof

Our contractors offer everything from concrete repairs and installations to removal and upgrades.

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